BIRTH: Sabra Jane Hart Tye was born February 9, 1820 in Patterson Creek, Whitley County, Kentucky to John Hart and Permelia Morgan. She was #10 of twelve children.

Marriage #1: Sabra married Wiley Tye on Dec.10, 1839 in Whitley County, Kentucky. Wiley Tye died in 1865 at Coles County, Illinois.

Marriage #2: Sabra married William Steeley on Nov.17,1867 in Coles County, Illinois. (Her name was listed as Sabre.)
(The LDS site shows Sabra and Wiley Tye married date Dec.19,1839 at Baylor Texas but it is wrong.) Sabra died in Baylor County Texas in 1882 after moving there two years before and Wiley never lived there at all.

Children: Sabra and Wiley had the following children:

John Henry: born August 29, 1840 in Casey County, Kentucky. Fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War at Pea Ridge in 1862. He was a horse trader. He married Lucy Jane Tye in 1868 in Missouri and lived with her in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma. He died in Oklahoma in 1919. His children were: Santa Lena, Sterling Lee, Katie Ann, Dottie, Effie, George , John Robert, Frankling Oliver and Susie Love. Sterling, Dottie and George died as infants or children.

Joshua Hansford: was born Feb. 13, 1844 in Casey County, Kentucky. Joshua married Mary Elizabeth Clem on January 21, 1869. They had the following children: Charles Swope, Felix, Loss, Carrie, Ella Pearl, Clem, Willie Rod, John, Albert, Joel Houston and an unamed infant. He fought for the Union during the Civil War and named his first son after the officer under whom he served, Charles Swope. Joshua went to Christian County, Missouri to live after leaving Kentucky and then moved on to Carroll County, Arkansas. Later he moved to Kansas and then to Yukon, Oklahoma where he farmed. He died in Oklahoma in October 1909 from choking on a bone.

Julia or Julie Ann Tye: was born c.1845 in Casey County, Kentucky. The 1910 census records of Boulder, Colorado show her as being born about 1853. But it seems that she may have wanted to appear younger to her husband at that time who was shown to be five years her junior. In 1861 at age 16 she married George W. Leach in Lincoln County, Ky. She and George had at least two daughters,Ida Leach born Aug. 13, 1864 in Lincoln County, Ky. and Minnie Bell Leach born April 29, 1866 in Coles County, Illinois. By the Census of 1880, Julie or Julia is found living in Baxter Springs, Kansas as a single woman with a daughter, Minnie Bell, age 14. She is said to be a seamstress. In May of 1879 there is a record of the death of a two day old baby named George Leach in the I.O.O.F. cemetery in Neosho, Missouri. Could Julia have had this baby and lost it the year before she moved to Baxter Springs, Ks. with Minnie? Julia and George had divorced and according to the 1880 Census, Ida was living with her father at that time in Neosho, Missouri. George Leach was listed as a wagon maker. Later Julia was shown in a picture with Minnie and a cousin in a photograph taken around 1900 in Oklahoma. She may have married two more times, once to George Mink.In the 1810 Census of Boulder County, Colorado, George Mink and Julia are shown living at Longmont. They have been married for six years. She is 53 and he is 48. She is shown as having had two marriages. Her children are listed as two living out of four births. According to an LDS record, Julia died March 18, 1935 in Longmont, Boulder County, Colorado. There is a family note that Minnie Bell Leach may have married Johnson Smith. At this time no record of any children has been found. Minnie died Sept.17, 1923. Ida married C.W. Dunkle on Oct.14, 1883 at Newton County, Mo. She had a daughter, Georgie D. Dunkle and perhaps her son, Albert was Dunkle's child as well. Ida was divorced from Dunkle and married Hugh Cox, son of Albert N. Cox, and had other children: Hanna, Parlee, Hugh Hanna and possibly others. According to the GREENVILLE MORNING HERALD, Sunday March 7, 1920 at Hunt Co., Texas, there is a Parlee Cox shown to have married Silas E. Washmonat Lipan, Texas on March 6, 1920. This may or may not be the same Parlee Cox but is a good possibility. Ida died March 6, 1937.

George: was born about 1856 in Kentucky. The family lived in Boyle County, Ky. and in Casey County, Ky. through the 1850's and 1860's so either could be the place of his birth. The 1880 Census records of Coles County, Illinois say that he was born in Kentucky about 1856. He was working in a tile factory in Illinois and evidently living with his mother as she is listed as head of the household. Wiley, his father had died there in 1865. There are some very confusing and possibly erronious dates given for the birth and death of George. One is that he died in Parker County, Texas. ( (But there is some information that he was born in Fort Worth, Parker County, Texas in 1856 and it is said too that he died in Ft. Worth, Parker County, Tx. which is surely a confused report. Ft. Worth is in Tarrant County.) One account has the date of his death as the same as his mother's which is probably a mistake. Sabra, his mother, died in 1882 in Baylor County Texas at Seymour. There is an account of his death stating it was when he was 36 years old so that would put it at about 1892. He very likely died in Texas and he had possibly lived for a while at Comanche County, Texas when he and his mother first arrived in that state. It is possilble that he returned to that area where he may have died.

Two infant daughters born that died soon after birth .

Locations: Sabra first seemed to have lived with her parents at Patterson Creek in Whitley County, Kentucky. But then after her marriage she and Wiley settled first in Casey County where they were living during the 1850 Census and then she and Wiley were in Boyle County, Kentucky for the 1860 Census. Next was a move to Charleston, Coles County Illinois where she was living until 1880 or just after that. Then she moved to Comanche County, Texas and / or just to Seymour, Baylor County, Texas where she died within about two years.

Death: After the move in 1880 to Texas, first possibly to Comanche County and then on to Seymour in Baylor County, Sabra lived less than two years.

Further notes: Sabra and her son, George were living in Seymour, Texas at the time of her death. There are records that show George died the same day as she did. It seems that there may be a mix-up here. There is other information that her son lived a few years longer than his mother, possibly until 1892.