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BIRTH: Mendel was born in/near Augustow, Suwalki, Poland about 1827 to Srol and Chana Lozman. This area has been part of Poland, Russia and Lithuania at different times depending on which country had control. Records seem to indicate that Mendel may have had a brother named Chaim Lozman who married Sara Rivka. They both used almost exactly the same name for their daughters. We have no other information at this time about Mendel's family, other than the names of his parents.

MARRIAGE: Mendel was married to Basza Dulsky whose name was shown as Danskich in the old records. Basza was the daughter of Judah and Merka Dunsky/Dulsky/etc. Their wedding took place on January 29, 1849. Each was shown to be 22 years of age.

CHILDREN:So far the records found from Suwalki and Augustow show only two children born to Basza and Mendel. These were twins born 15 years after their marriage. However the family has information of more children. Two sons were living together along with their sister, Leah, up until at least 1884.

EZRA LOZMAN was born Dec. 13, 1864 along with twin sister, Chana Pesza Lozman. Ezro/Ezra was shown again in the records as Ezra Lezman. This was his death shown to have been in 1885. He would have been about 21 years old at that time.

CHANA PESZA LOZMAN was born Dec. 13, 1864 along with a twin, Ezra Lozman. Chana was probably named after her father's mother. It is not known if she lived and married. There is a record of "Chaja Pisza" (not Chana Pisza) born 1859 to Chaim Lozman and his wife, Sarh Rivka. "Chaja" Lozman married Zelman Rozenberg. They had son, Israel Girsz Rosenberg. Chaim Lozman was probably an older brother of Mendel whose daughter had the very similar name.

LEAH RACHEL LOZMAN was born in 1872 somewhere in Suwalki. Her mother's family was from Golynka. Both her parents, Mendel and Basza died while she was still single and living with two of her brothers. She was just c. 13-14 when her brother Ezra died in 1885. About 1894-5 Leah married Abraham Isaac Berger from the town of Lipsk. He was the son of Haskell/Kasper and Sarah Berger. From her birth date, we see that Basza was in her forties when Leah was born and Leah was probably her last child. Leah gave birth about 1896 to her daughter, Minnie, who may have been named after Leah's grandmother, Merka Lozman. In 1898 Bessie was born and her name may be after Leah's mother, Basze. In January 1899 Abraham left Poland for Chicago where his parents and siblings were living. Leah and the girls joined him later that year. They remained there for the rest of their lives. They had son, Ezra (later known as Edward) Berger July 9,1900, most likely named after his mother's brother. A son, Harry was born in 1902 and Julius was born in 1904. He was probably named after Leah's grandfather, Judah Dunsky. Their last child was Faye, born 1907. Leah had an aunt, Fege Dulsky and she may have been named for her. Harry's name may come from an uncle of Leah's, Harry Dulsky. Leah died of diabetes and its complications in March 1917. Abe remarried for a short time. He died of pneumonia in 1927.

LOCATIONS:Mendel seems to have stayed his whole life in the general area of Suwalki, probably at or near Augustow. His daughter, Leah said he was in charge of a horse farm which may have been in Lithuanian territory during his adult years. She had told her children she was from Lithuania.

DEATH:We don't have the death date of Mendel but he was already gone before 1884 when his daughter Leah married. Basza had died by that time as well.

FURTHER NOTES: There is little known of Mendel Lozman at this time. Hopefully more information will come to light. There is another Lozman, Chemio, who may possibly be a brother or cousin of Mendel's father, Srol Lozman.
Chemio Lozman was married to Kieyla. Their daughter, Chasza Lozman age 25 married Moszko Pieczkowskiage age 26 on June 14,1849. Chasza may be a cousin of Mendel's. Chasza was b.c. 1824, so Chemio and Kieyla must have been born about 1804 or so. That would probably be close to the time Srol Lozman was born too.

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