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The Dunsky name comes with many spellings, even from father to son. So don't let the name changes be a problem in matching these families.

BIRTH: Judah Dunsky was born about 1800 in Golynka, Poland/Russia to Abraham and Sarah Dunsky. He had brothers Meir Dulsky, Chaim Dulsky, Isaac Dunsky and Israel Dunsky.

MARRIAGE: Judah was married to Merka whose maiden name is unknown. They both seemed to have remained in Golynka all their lives.

CHILDREN: Judah and Merka had many children. At this time it seems there were eight or nine of them. The individuals listed below fit very well into the family of Judah and Merka. However there may be one or more that should not be included. No one had compiled this list previously as of one family. It was difficult to see that these various persons belonged together as they were scattered into several states.

BASZA DULSKY was born in Golynka, Poland about 1827 to Judah and Merka Dunsky. She married Mendel Lozman Jan. 29, 1849 when they were both age 22. Mendel was the son of Srol and Chana Lozman. The Lozmans were from Suwalki, probably at Gorczya. On Dec. 13, 1864, Basza gave birth to twins, Ezra and Chana Pesza. Ezra died in 1885 when about age 21. It is not known if Chana Pesza lived. There must have been children born earlier as there was a span of about 15 years from the marriage to the birth of the twins. ( Basza's daughter, Leah mentioned at least two older brothers but didn't name them.) In 1872 Leah Rachel Lozman was born when her mother was about 45. Leah was likely the last child. Sometime before 1894 both Mendel and Basza died. After that Leah was living with two of her brothers until her marriage. The Lozman family was involved with the raising, training and care of horses. Leah mentioned to her son, Edward, that she was from Lithuania. This might have been during one of the periods when war changed the borders of the surrounding countries. Leah was married about 1894 to Abraham Isaac Berger b. 1870 in Lipsk, Poland which is about 8 miles from Golynka. She and Abraham had two daughters while still in Poland. They were Minnie b. 1896 and Bessie b. Jan. 1898. Then in 1899 they arrived in Chicago and had sons, Ezra "Edward" b. 1900, Harry b. 1902, Julius b. 1904 and daughter, Faye b. 1907.

HERSCHEL DUNSKY aka. "TZVI DUNSKY" was born about 1835-1840, in Poland, likely at Golynka, Belarus. Herschel married Etke Sereiski. They had a son, Chaim Yechezkiel Dunsky who was born March 14, 1857 in Sopotskin. Chaim married his cousin Toibe Serisky who was from Golynka. She was daughter of Herschel's sister Chana Dulsky Sereisky. Toibe died in 1928 at Cincinnati, Ohio. Chaim Yechezkiel married once again to Malke Kurlandsky who was born about 1879. Malke Dunsky was born in the 1870's. She married Ephraim Dunsky. Morris Isaac Dunskywas born 20 Jul 1866 in Golynka, Belarus. He married Helena Goldberg aka "Lena",Cheya Leah". Morris died 14 August 1936 in Boston, MA. Miriam Dunsky was born about 1867. She married Abraham Fridman and moved to Israel where she died in 1956.

CHANA DUNSKY was born c.1835 in Golynka, Belarus and died there abt. 1889. Chana married Avrom Sereisky born 1820 in Golynka. Their children were Henie Rochel Sereisky born abt. 1855 in Poland. She married Hatzkel Krutzel and she died 1943 in Auschwitz, Poland. Toibe Sereisky was born 1863 in Golynka, Belarus. She married Chaim Yechezkiel Dunsky born 14 Mar 1857 in Sopotskin, Belarus. Chaim died 7 Nov 1925 in Boston, MA, USA and Toibe died 13 May 1928 in Cincinnati, OH, USA. Malke Gittel Sereisky was born 1866 in Suchowola, Bialystok, Poland. She married Mordechai Yosel Rabinowitz and she died 12 Dec 1954 in Detroit, MI, USA. Basheve Sereisky was born Abt 1869 in Lithuania. She married Chaim Schulzinger and she died 1959 in Herzlia, Israel. Mary Sereisky was born July 1870 in Golynka, Belarus. She married Meyer Harris Levy and she died 27 July 1951 in Toronto, ON, Canada.

ZELIG DUNSKY b.c. 1840 probably in Golynka, Belarus. He married Temme whose surname is unknown. Zelig and Temme's children were: Moses Dalsey/Dulsky b. 1861 married Leah Berger d. of Haskell/Kasper Berger from Lipsk, Poland. Another son was Louis Dulsky, "Itse Leib" b 1873. He married Goldie Midlinski. Zelig and Temme's son, Yudel or Yehuda Dunsky b. 1874 married Miriam Butkovsky. Chaya Mina “Minnie” was b.c. 1887 and married Yona “David” Goldberg and Morris Rome. A daughter, Beile Dunsky married Shmularen (surname unk.). All the children of Temme and Zelig were born in Poland. Louis and Moses came to live in Chicago. These were all known by the family to be cousins of Leah Losman Berger. Leah's mother, Basza was a sister of Zelig. Her family used the spelling Dulsky.

FEGE DULSKY b.c.1840's in Golynka. She married Leon Bonowitz from Sopotskin and had son, David/Dovid Pincus Bonowitz who was born about 1861. Fege seems to have stayed in Poland. David Bonowitz was said to have lived in Sopotskin before coming to this country. David married Sarah Gornitzky and had the following children, Lillie, Minnie, Anna, Fannie, Sadie, Joseph, Esther, Goldie, and Elliott. For a while Fege's nephew, Max Dulsky, was living next to his cousin, David Bonowitz in Circleville and/or Columbus, Ohio. Another cousin of David's, Samuel Bonowitz "Simcha Abba" b.c. 1871, also arrived along with his sister, Mesha Bonowitz b.c.1875 who married a Canowitz. Mesha was widowed before coming to the US. Mesha and Samuel may have been children of Leon's brother. All these families continued to live close to each other in Ohio.

HARRY DULSKY/DUNSKY was born 1840's-50's. He married Bertha Frances Samuels. Harry and Bertha may have remained in Poland. They lived in Grodno, Belarus. Harry was probably born at Golynka. Their known children were Yetta, Annie, Minnie and a son. Yetta/Etta married Harry Meyer Gordon and their children were all born in Ohio. In the 1910 Ohio Census they were shown as Hannah age 10, Bessie age 8, Benjamin H. age 5, Rebecca age 5, Moses M. age 3, Julius age 14 months, Simon age two months. Annie Dunsky/ Dulsky b. 1869 married her first cousin, Max Dulsky. Annie and Max had children who in 1920 were Joseph 24, Harry 22, Bertha 20, Bessie 18, David 17, Isaac 13 and Zelda 12. Max b.c. 1870 was known to be related to David Bonowitz. Max and family lived next door to the David Bonowitz family in Circleville, Ohio. David's mother was Fege Dulsky Bonowitz. Minnie Dulsky married Morris/Maurice Grimsburg/Grimburg in 1907 at the home of her sister and brother-in-law, Annie and Max Dulsky.

BELLA DULSKY b. 1849 married E.S. Chambers. They were born in Poland, Bella probably at Golynka. They had 12 children. Eight lived and just three girls, Esther b. 1887, Bessie b. 1889 and Susie b. 1891 were still living at home in 1900. These three daughters were born in this country. They lived in New Jersey. Bella's brother, Morris Dulsky, a widower who lost his wife in 1891, was living with this family according to the New Jersey census of 1900. Later, in 1910 he was living with his daughter, Minnie Berneker in Denver.

MORRIS DULSKY was born about 1850 in Golynka, Poland. His father was Julius/Yudel/Yehudah which was found on Morris' tombstone. He died April 10, 1918 and was buried at Waldheim Cemetery in Chicago. He arrived in Chicago in 1883. His wife, Maria/Marie Samcovit Dulsky joined him in 1884 with Sarah, Minnie and Julius. Maria died in 1891. Their children were: Mendel, Sam, Julius, Louis and daughters, Sarah Dulsky who married Frank Barnett and Minnie Dulsky who married Moses Berneker. After Marie died, Morris was living in New Jersey with his sister Bella and her family. By 1910 he was living with his daughter, Minnie Bernecker and her family in Denver.

SON (unk.) DULSKY b. 1850's. He had sons Menachem Mendel Dulsky aka "Max" b.c. 1870 and other children, one, possibly a son (named David?) who remained in Poland, and another son who lived in the U.S. Midwest. Max lived in Circleville, Ohio and married his first cousin, Annie Dulsky who was a daughter of Harry Dulsky b.c.1830. Their children were Joseph, Harry, Bertha, Bessie, David, Issac and Zelda. The other known son, ( David ?) brother of Max, had a daughter, Ida Dulsky, who possibly married a Sobol, and a daughter, Yetta Dulsky, other daughters and one son. Max and his brothers had lived in Grodno which is very close to Golynka. In Circleville, Max and family lived next to the David Bonowitz family.

LOCATIONS: Judah Dunsky seems to have been born in Golynka and is said to have died there.

DEATH: Judah's death date has not been found. He evidently was past 50 years of age, as he had children born into the 1850's Merka must have been somewhat younger than he as she was having babies into her 40's.

FURTHER NOTES: There is very little information about Judah and Merka except for their children. Hopefully more will become evident. The name of the father of Max and his brothers is still being searched. There could possibly be other children of Judah amd Merka and perhaps one of the ones named above will prove to be incorrect.

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