BIRTH Henry was born November 22,1822 in Knox County, Kentucky. He was one of at least 11 or 12 children of Joshua Tye and Elizabeth Cummins Tye. His grandfathr was John Granger Tye b.c.1737 in Virginia.

MARRIAGE Henry married Susan Ann Tye on October 20, 1841. She was his second cousin. She was the daughter of his first cousin, Henry Howell Tye and Sarah "Sallie" Mayes Tye. Susan and Henry separated in 1860 but were not divorced until April of 1870 at Gallatin, Daviess County Missouri. Then Henry received a marriage license on June 23, 1870 at Warrensburg in Jackson County, Missouri to marry Sarah Louise Grady. The listing at Warrensburg shows her listed as Louisa Grally. However the card file shows both spellings. There is another marriage listed to Mary A. Willis on April 25, 1887. Mary Ann was born in 1837 to George and Mary Oldham. When she married Henry Harrison Tye she was the widow of Wright Wroth Willis. She died as the widow of Henry in 1916. There is a possibility of another marriage to Louisa Woodson. This could possibly be the same person as Sarah Louise Grady, especially if she had been married earlier to a Woodson.

CHILDREN Henry Harrison Tye and his first wife, SUSAN ANN TYE had the following children:

Sarah "Catherine" Tye born September 15, 1842 in Kentucky. Another date listed for her birth is September 1, 1843. Her early life was spent in Kentucky and then Daviess County, Missouri. In 1862 she married George Crews b.1836 who was shot and killed during the Civil War while she was expecitng their daughter, Georgia Crews. Georgia married Edward Jerome. Then in 1866 or 1867 Catherine married James Carroll Brookshire who was born in 1834 and unto them were born: Estell B. Brookshire, Henry T. Brookshire and Mary L. Brookshire. In the Dade County, Mo. Census of 1880, the family of James Brookshire and Sarah Catherine shows him as age 45, Sarah C. is listed as 35, Bion, a son is listed as 22, Georgia A. is listed as 17, Estell Bird/Byrd., a son, is listed as 12, Henry Thomas. is listed as 11, and Mary L. is listed as 9. Bion or possibly his name was Byron was born before Sarah and James married and is probably the son of James but not of Sarah Catherine's.

In the Dade County Library in Missouri, the Brookshires are listed in the pages, ""Dade County Missouri Families"Estell Byrd Brookshire is said to have been born Dec. 1867, married Martha Luella (Ella) Clark and he died March 1936. There is also a Cora Brookshire, b.1860 who is said to be a daughter of James Carrol Brookshire but not of Sarah Catherine Tye. This lists Cora's wedding to Clayton, H. Wilkinson in 1875 in Webster County, Mo.

Later, Sarah lived for some time in Lawrence County, Mo. and she is known to have bought land in Dade County, Missouri at South Greenfield which she purchased in 1884 and more in 1887. She and her husband James sold all but 16 acres of this land in 1894 which was known as Cross Roads and was near Everton. In her later years Sarah Catherine, who was probably widowed at the time, lived with her daughter, Georgia and Georgia's husband, Ed Jerome. Sarah died April 26, 1931 and is said to be buried at Springfield, Missouri.

William Brown or Bonar? Tye was born in April of 1842 in or near Williamsburg, Kentucky, probably near Siler. William was a Private in Company I, Clark's Regiment, Missouri Infantry of the Confederate army. He was a Private upon entry and exit. He married Ingabor Jane Wolfenbarger January 11, 1865 in Livingston County, Missouri at Springhill and they had nine children including: John Henry, Ollie Mae, James C., Mary "Molly", William J., Benjamin Frankllin, Ida Frances, Pallas Love and Cleve Columbus. Will and Ingabor moved from Missouri to Arkansas around 1875. He died in 1905 or 1907 and he is buried at Harrison, Arkansas in the Capp's cemetery.

Henry Purl Tye was born September 1, 1846 in Kentucky. He married Ella Faye Steppe on July 12, 1877 and they lived for a while in Arkansas where their first child was born in 1880. Right after that they moved to Tiff City, McDonald County, Missouri. They had at least these nine children: Franklin Preston, Lafayette Nelson, Elmer James, Nellie June, Pallas Love, May Mildred, Henry Grover, Charles Bacil, and Effie H. Henry was a farmer and died October 28, 1936 and was buried in Anderson, McDonald County, Missouri.

Lucy Jane Tye was born October 16, 1848 in Williamsburg, Kentucky. She married John Henry Tye in August 1868. They had nine children including: Santa Lena, Sterling Lee, Katie Ann, Dottie, Effie, George, Franklin Oliver, John Robert, and Susie Love. Sterling, Dottie and George died as infants. Lucy and John lived in Arkansas a short time and then in Missouri around the Springfield area for several years. They also lived in Phelps County at Rolla. Then about 1880 they moved to Comanche County, Texas and they also lived at Seymour in Baylor County. Then about 1890-1891 they settled in Oklahoma. Lucy died of burns in 1937 and is buried in the Kolb Cemetery at Spencer, Oklahoma.

Palace Napoleon Love Tye was born March 31, 1850 or 1851 in Williamsburg, Kentucky. He may have spent some time as a young man with his distant cousin, Julia Tye Leach in Baxter Springs, Kansas as there is a Paul Tye listed as residing at her home in the Census of 1880. There is no known Paul Tye in the family and the census taker may have written "Paul" for Pal. Pal married Margaret Angela Harmon in 1884 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. They the following children: Mary Ellen, Susan Carol, Effie Jane, Henry Franklin, John William, Sara Katherine, Robert Cook, Pallas Engar, Lucille Lenora, Ethel Helen and Richard Harmon. Later Pal and Margaret were divorced and in his old age Pal lived at the home of his sister, Lucy Jane Tye and when she died in 1937 he lived for a while with his son, Robert Cook Tye and family. Pal died December 7, 1941 and is buried in the Kolb Cemetery at Spencer, Oklahoma. The same day that Pal died, that INFAMOUS day, Pal's grandson, Robert Cook Tye II survived the attack at Pearl Harbor.

Franklin Jefferson Tye was born about 1852 or maybe 1855 probably at Gallatin, Daviess County, Missouri. He married Rebecca C. Johnson in 1878. They were lving in Lawrence County, Missouri in 1880 and had two children: Jessie Ann and William Franklin. He later married Lucy "Lillie" Barton in 1887 at Chanute, Kansas and they had nine children including: Thomas Cleveland, Henry Scott, Howell John, Lizzie Blanche, Lee Roy, Ina Susan, Millie Pearl, Jefferson Barton and Mary Birdie. By 1900 the family was living in Greeley Twp. of Oklahoma County, Ok. and by 1920 they were living in El Reno of Canadian County, Ok. Franklin died July 5, 1927 and is buried at El Reno, Oklahoma, in Canadian County.

Mary Ann Tye was born about 1857 and died about 1931. Some reports say she was born in Kentucky and others that she was born in Missouri. In the 1860 Census she is shown living with her parents at Gallatin, Missouri and it shows her age as three years. While still quite young in 1870 or 1871, at Harrison, Boone County, Arkansas she married William Parrish Camp .who was born in 1841. The couple lived in Harrison for the first few years of the marriage while Wiilliam practiced medicine. But in 1875 he took a regular course of medicine and graduated in 1875. In 1876 the Camps were living in Ozark, Christian County, Mo. and on a special agricultural census taken that year they were shown as having two sons both under ten years of age. The boy's names were given as initials only: W.H.N.Camp and A.F. Camp. In 1878 Mary and William were divorced and the records are in Greene County, Mo. at Springfield. William had been married twice before Mary and at least once after her and had more children with that wife. The records at Springfield show the divorces of three of the four known wives of William. William continued to live in Greene County at Brookline and died in 1919.To see a biography of William Parrish Camp where some of this information was gleaned CLICK HERE.

Mary was next found living with her mother, Susan Tye, and one of her sons in the census of 1880 at Oswego, Labette County, Kansas. The head of household was listed as her mother, Susan Tye and Mary was listed as Mollie Camp who was divorced and had her son, William Camp age six, living with her. There is no mention of the other son, A.F. Camp in the 1880 census.

After 1880 the location of Mary and her sons is not known until she had a marriage to a Squire Dunn shown in 1893 at South Greenfield in Dade County, Missouri. There may have been another marriage as well to a Mr. Hill. It is not known if Mary had other children nor is there much information about her life or death which is said to have been in about 1931.The two records below seem to be of Mary's two known sons.

1900 CAMP WILLIAM 24 M W MO JASPER 3-WD JOPLIN William Camp b. Sept. 1875 age 24 born in Missouri and father born in Tennesee and mother b. in Missouri. Occupation laborer in a mine. Wife is Nettie age 19 b. in Missouri. (This one seems likely, except Mary's son William was known to be born in Arkansas.)

ALBERT F. CAMP born about 1872 in Pb. Arkansas. Father:William Parrish (Dr.)Jr. Camp born March 12, 1841 in Stewart County, Tennessee. Mother: Mary Ann Tye b. about 1857 in Gallatin, Clay, Missouri. Albert married Nell L. McVay April 2, 1901 in Greene County, Missouri. (From Rootsweb World Connect ID 1243376)


Ella Tye was born June 1872 in Missouri. She may not be Henry and Louise Grady's child but there is a good probability because of her birth date and a statement on a record at Dade County that she resided there. Ella married Archie Morris Stapp on February 17, 1889. At this time there are no known children.

Minnie A. Tye was born September 17, 1875 in Greene County, Missouri. Her mother, in some reports, is said to have been Louisa Woodson and in others to be Sarah Louise Grady. Minnie married James Clinton Jeffreys on March 8, 1896. They lived in Dade County, Missouri at Greenfield. They reportedly had four children: James R. Jeffreys, Kathryn whose married name was Murrell, Esther, whose married name was Herchenroden / Herchenroeder and Bedford "Forrest" Jeffreys. Minnie's first child was Forrest Jeffreys born October 21, 1907 in Dade County, Mo. Minnie died April 17, 1949 and is buried in the Greenfield Cemetery, Greenfield, Dade County, Missouri.

LOCATIONS Henry lived for the first part of his life in Knox and Whitley Counties, Kentucky. He and Susan lived for a time at or near Siler, Kentucky. But in the middle of the 1850's he moved his family to Gallatin or Lock Springs, Daviess County, Missouri where his son Franklin Jefferson was said by some to have been born and possibly his daughter Mary, as well. The family was listed in the 1860 Census for Daviess County. Henry and Susan separated after 1860. Then in 1870 Henry divorced Susan and married Sarah Louise Grady a few months later. He is shown in the census of 1870 still living with his daughter, Sarah Katherine, and her husband James Brookshire in Harrison Township of Daviess County, Mo. But it is likely he and Sarah Louise moved to Dade County, Mo. soon after their marriage. Later when he married Mary A. Willis he was living in Dade County, Missouri at South Greenfield. Henry had numerous listings of land acqusitions in Missouri starting in 1852 and he had many suits involving land deals mostly in Daviess County but elsewhere as well. It is probable that Henry lived in Dade county for most of the years after he divorced Susan.

DEATH There is no known record of the date of Henry's death at this time. It was some time after his 1887 marriage to Mary Ann and she was widowed by 1910. A "Captain" Henry Harrison Tye is listed as being in a grave in the Dougherty Cemetery at South Greenfield, Dade County Missouri. There is no marker so the grave has not been found. The title "Captain" could have come from his possible connection with the Confederate army or he could have possibly been dubbed "Captain" if he had been connected in some way with the Quantrill Raiders that were fighting for the Confederate cause after the Civil War.

FURTHER NOTES In the book Footsteps of Our Fathers by Jack Williams there is a refernce to a H. H. Tye that went to Stanford, Kentucky in Lincoln County in 1862 to join the Confederate Cavalry Unit of volunteers that was just forming in September 1862. H. H. Tye, a Private ,was listed in Company B. 6th Regiment C.S.A under Captain T.H. Shanks. This is possibly Henry Harrison Tye. Since Henry was separated from Susan after 1860 to 1870 when they divorced and he remarried, he was free to go back to Kentucky to enlist for the war effort. Most of the men in that particular unit were taken prisoner in 1862 and most were kept in prison until 1865. But there were some that were able to leave before that. Henry Harrison Tye could have been one of those men.

There are some indications that Henry may also have been involved with the Quantrill Raiders, a group of men fighting outside the "Union" law for the Confederate cause. There are listings of most of the names of the men that participated but so far none have been found by the family that list his name . It is certain that Henry was a staunch confederate. His family had owned slaves for at least two generations in Kentucky where they grew tobacco. His daughter, Lucy Jane, reflected his attitude against the Union or at least against Lincoln all her life.